TorpedoRun Free V3.0 in Apple review

TorpedoRun Free V3.0 in Apple review

Today I released a major new update to our popular IOS game TorpedoRun Free. This updated has improved lighting and textures for a much better look on the iPad2 & iPad3. (The iPad1 reverts to the old lighting and textures for speed). We have added a spectacular new in game purchase called ‘Mayhem Game Mode’ This gives a whole new game play without changing the ‘Classic’ version you all love so much.

Mayhem features:- +1 Torpedo tube giving a maximum of 4 tubes if you own the extras addon, or 3 if you don’t. Friendly cargo ships where 2 hits sink but you must not hit or sink them, otherwise you will lose points. Mayhem also features new PT boats that can launch 2 torpedos at you! The enemy super destroyer gets an upgrade to add bow and stern missile launchers. These are self propelled missiles that do not travel on a parabolic trajectory.

Aircraft!! Mayhem adds an enemy torpedo plane, that drops a torpedo towards you on its attack run. The aircraft is hard to kill but 10 hits from the flak canon will bring it down.

The biggest cause of game over is too many ships escaping and I hear your calls! We have added an air drop in the form of a P51 mustang that drops a convoy recharge crate. Shoot the crate to reduce the convoy escapped count by one. Careful to hit the crate quick otherwise it will sink. Health recharge is now faster on both Classic and Mayhem. Classic is only a minute quicker but in Mayhem you get a health drop every 2.5 minutes, and you are going to need it!

Mayhem has such a different game play it was unlikely you would get such high scores so we added a new Mayhem leaderboard on Game Centre so any play on Mayhem gets scored to this new leaderboard.

Here is a screen shot of Mayhem:-




9 thoughts on “TorpedoRun Free V3.0 in Apple review

  1. Mayhem… The cargo ships are counting against missed ships total…

    And what happened to a pause button?

    Nice update!

  2. Hi, Yes sorry about that it was a bug. I’ve since issued an update to fix it so now the cargo ships don’t count
    as an escaped warship. The Pause button is your home button, press it to leave the app and the game will remember where
    it was up to. so effectively pauses the game. Glad you like the update. Could I ask you to please leave a review on iTunes?
    It really does help.

  3. Just tried out the new version on my desktop. Graphics are great.
    I am missing a “full screen” option and also the pause button.
    A “novice” level would be nice as well as I have the feeling that even the “easy” setting is much harder than before.

    An only “local” list of high scores should also be an option – as a beginner or occasional player it is totally impossible to beat the high scores that are online at the moment – so you loose all trace of your “progress” as only the top hundred can be seen :).

  4. Hi,

    Thank you for the comments on TorpedoRun, I am glad you like the update (mostly!).
    It’s rare but always good to get feedback, it helps us indies to improve our games.
    I had to remove the fullscreen option because Apple were being too fussy when I was trying
    To get the update approve, I will look to add it back in on the next release.

    I’m not sure TorpedoRun ever had a pause button but it’s easy to add so once again something for the next release.
    I will look again at easy mode.
    The game defaults to local highscores if it can’t get access to Game Center, so try turning that off on the desktop.
    Either way I will look to add an option to view your own personal bests as well.
    Thanks again.

  5. Hi<

    I'd like to weigh in on the full screen as well. I end up dragging the window all over when things get fast and I'm trying to shoot depth charges. Pretty much ends up as game over. Also is there any way to get rid of the parallax? Anything off center the weapons aim for the inside of where you are pointing. So to shoot the left side of the screen you have to aim way left and right of screen way right. Is this a function of using a window instead of full screen and you could fix both in one swoop?


  6. Hi JW and thanks for the feedback. I will add back Fullscreen mode and submit to apple, takes about a week
    to go live. Re the parallax error, this is a toughie and one I’ve tried to improve in the past. The problem is the game has no idea what you are trying to aim at so it fixes the aim point to about midway (depth) from the camera. As it added an element of chance and more skill to the game I decided to leave it. BUT I will take a fresh look at it and see what I can come up with.

  7. Hi, the game is great! So much so that after using the free version for a few weeks I decided to buy it, just to thank you for such an enjoyable app.
    Abt the full screen: same issue as other users have already pointed out. I was surprised, though, that it happened after I downloaded your most recent update. With it, the tickable box for an “unwindowed” full screen disappeared.
    And: yes, a pause option would be most welcomed :)
    Many thanks

  8. I’m glad you like my game, I designed it to be an all out arcade action game just like in the old days!
    The new version is waiting approval so shouldn’t be long now. Fullscreen is back and the Torpedo aiming is
    I hope 100% perfect now.

    I’m currently working on a major update to Full Frontal Assault which I’m sure everyone is going to love!

  9. Hi, I keep playing the game & really enjoy it. I now have a few questions/suggestions to submit (bottom line: i have read a lot of naval literature, but don’t know anything abt programming, so have no idea of feasibility).
    1) to make scenarios more realistic: 1 tigerfish torpedo should be more than enough to blow PT boats in tiiiny little pieces, I think. for the other vessels, though: how about having a variable number of torpedoes, rather than frigate = 4 etc.?

    2) any chance of adding a cannon, like subs used to have up until a certain point in history? I thought it would be fun to have the option of switching from the machine gun to a cannon, thus increasing the fire power of the sub.
    thanks again for a great game!

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