TorpedoRun Now on Mac App Store

TorpedoRun Now on Mac App Store.

After 2 attempts TorpedoRun is now available on the Mac App store. It does seem much smoother to play on the Mac so a bit of a bonus there. Meanwhile in other news TorpedoRun on IOS has ‘Sailed’ past the 16,000 download mark if you excuse the pun.

Our next game Ninja Penguin is nearing completion, just some polishing and a few more features to add. I’m hoping it will be the next Angry Birds and keep you entertained for hours at a time.


4 thoughts on “TorpedoRun Now on Mac App Store

  1. Torpedo run is very good! I hope there will be new weapons, health drops, and longer sessions. I have reached 217,900 score result, what grade is it?
    Best regards from Italy

  2. Hi Alessandro,

    I am very glad you like my game TorpedoRun, and well done on such a high score. The score doesn’t directly relate to your grade or rank
    So I can’t tell what rank you are. This is how it works.

    You start off as a midshipman, and a score target is set for your next promotion say 20,000. When you next get more than 20,000 (doesn’t matter if
    You actually got 100,000) you go up to the next rank. A new target is then set, say 50,000 and so on. So to become Fleet Admiral you would need to
    Work you way up the ranks just like in real life.

    There will be more upgrades to the Game coming this year, but first I need to complete my next game ‘Ninja Penguin’. Hopefully available in the next
    2 weeks.

    Regards mQed

  3. I am really addicted to this game right now. Actually think I am suffering from shell shock; when I close my eyes I see bombs and depth charges flying towards me! Anyway I wanted to know if there is more than one life drop available and if so when does this re-appear?



  4. Hi Mike,

    Yes there are an infinite number of healthdrops, but they are a minimum of 5 minutes appart! It is possible to survive long enough for the 2nd drop and I suspect that’s how it’s possible to score over a million.

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