Invaders TD Tower defence game

I have finally completed work on my favourite style of game. It’s a Tower Defence game called Invaders TD. As I like playing tower defence games, I needed to make it in a way I wouldn’t become sick of it. I had to develop it so I actually wanted to play it myself. This means scrapping the traditional idea of scripted attack waves, otherwise I’d know what was coming next and how to beat them.  Where is the fun in that. So it’s using a system of random within bounds, so each wave is different each time you play it. It means you can’t take victory for certain when replaying a mission or wave.

Well Invaders TD development went really fast for the first 2 weeks and then BANG! It was playable. I had to now add the missions and wave data. Now it’s playable it’s taking me ages to put in each mission as I have to play it over and over again for each wave. Remember I said each wave was random within bounds? Well it makes it actually very addictive to play so I end up playing a level all day! This slowed up development somewhat. The game currently contains 20 missions and more are planned to be added when the game is successful.

Because of the random nature of Invaders TD sometimes a level will seem impossible or only completable if you are totally on the ball placing your towers in the correct spot, all you need to is play the level again and hope it the game gives you a less challenging enemy attack formation. Hint: save your space mines for when you really need them.

Invaders TD

Now complete and available. Download from:

IOS version: Download from iTunes

Android Version: Download from Google Play
Here are some of the tower designs:

Invaders TD Pulse Laser MK3

Pulse Laser MK3

Invaders TD Photon Bolt MK4

Photon Bolt MK4

Invaders TD Cobalt Beam MK2

Cobalt Beam MK2

Invaders TD ATA Rocket MK1

ATA Rocket MK1

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