Torpedo War Released! Available on IOS,Android & OSX

Torpedo War Released Command a Torpedo Boat. Patrol the sea from your home port, seek and destroy the enemy ships, submarines and aircraft. Upgrade your ship, manage your inventory, pick up supplies from sunk enemy ships and rule the ocean.

Enemy ships will either patrol the ocean or hunt you down. Defend your home port and protect your cargo ships.

Use your Mark8 torpedoes, Flak canon and depth charges to defeat the enemy.

Torpedo War Released

Torpedo War Video Download for free, Play for free.

Features of Torpedo War:-

*Realtime 3d graphics
*Many types of enemy craft
*Local and world leader boards
*Rank system, start as a Midshipman and rise to Grand Admiral
*Manage your port and ships inventory
*Salvage containers from sunk enemy ships
*Research and upgrade your ship

Can you become Grand Admiral of the fleet?

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OS X: coming soon