Just had 2 great reviews of TorpedoRun

Just had 2 great reviews of TorpedoRun so I thought I’d share them here for all to see.

 Once again a big thank you to all those that take the time to review our games, it really does help us.

Awesome update… Still…. A couple suggestions!
 by Rojoyinc

Developer listens!
Last upgrade major improvement… Still one of my favorite games!
9 out of 10 stars! I wish app store had 10 star levels.

Incoming ships depth charges now seem to have lower trajectory! Much better and less off top of screen… Love it.
Graphics and even frame rate look better. Might be due to ipad3?
Love the water now. Bug where torp would show sideways at rare times seems to be gone.

New ship is great love the detail and life boat on it!

What to fix still….
Explosions when being over run by charges hitting player block view so you can’t see other incoming charges! I hate that.
I have to just swipe back and forth and hope I stop other incoming charges I can’t actually see. More transparency in those explosions?

Often when trying to hit that little fast boat in the distance… It might run behind larger ships. We’re forced to really aim to the left and right sides. It appears that even though it would be a hit… If off the left or right sides of the screen it doesn’t register as a hit. I think it should. Else limit the right and left aiming to keep it on screen.
If torpedo goes off the sides just before a hit… It doesn’t register the hit… That I know would have nailed it.

3. Not your fault, but I wish there was a way around cheating. Jail broken devices have a app, which lets you enter your name and dreamed up high score. Ruins the fun. Who would make such a app… And worse, who would use it!!! Only morons.
There is no way the top ranked score is real. Really? I could use my JB ipad2 and take top spot with that app. But really? Why.

Wow I am now ranked 9th in the world! Legit. 1.8 million

One of my all time favorites

by RacerX Slot Drifter

I am not one to write a whole lot of reviews, but this game has earned it from me. For such a simple game I have enjoyed playing it throughly. One of the few apps well worth the money. I wish more apps could be as entertaining as this one. Very impressive guys, keep up the good work!

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