TorpedoRun V2.0 released

TorpedoRun V2.0

Thanks to all our fans that love TorpedoRun, as requested we have released a new major update to the Paid version of TorpedoRun V2.0.

Whats New:-

  • Your current level is now displayed as you change from level to level
  • The Submarine gets a 3rd torpedo tube, giving you 3 torpedo’s that can be in action at any one time.
  • The Mine rack also gets an upgrade to 4 mines. You can now have 4 mines in action.
  • Much improved Highscore display table, now shows the top 99 players, also highlights your position.
  • A new super destroyer has been added, taking 12 hits to destroy and equiped with depthcharges and powerful artillery shells.


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