TorpedoRun Naval Combat Arcade Action Game

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We are proud to introduce our first mobile game TorpedoRun Naval Combat Arcade Action Game.

Take control of a surfaced submarine and use your Tigerfish torpedoes to sink the enemy ships.
Watch out for incomming depth charges and use your canon to destroy them before they hit your sub.
Enemy ships can fire either single shots or devistating barrages, watch out for the destroyer
as it can fire stacatto barrages.
Every ten seconds you can launch a mine, up to three mines can be in theater in one go. Be Careful
not to destroy your own mines with torpedos!
Don’t let too many ships escape otherwise it’s game over!
The game starts off with just one enemy ship but soon builds into an all our fight for survival.
Try not to let the depth charges get to close otherwise the explosions can temporarily blind you.
Use your two torpedos carefully, hit fast moving ships first to slow them down, then finish them
off at your leisure.

Features of TorpedoRun:-

  • Realtime 3d graphics
  • 3 types of enemy ships, Destroyer, Frigate and PT boat
  • Particle effects
  • Mines!! Deploy mines to sink those pesky ships.
  • Health Drops, call for a health drop, make sure you shoot the crate for your health recharge.
  • Local Highscore table or Game Center support
  • Rank system, rise to the rank of Grand Admiral of the fleet.
  • iCade compatible
  • iControlPad (ICP) compatible
  • Works in all orientations on all IOS devices

Compatable with:

  • iPad
  • iPad2
  • iPhone 3G
  • iPhone 4
  • iPod Touch

TorpedoRun Naval Combat Arcade Action is available on iTunes.

Available on iTunes here

 View the video here:


2 thoughts on “TorpedoRun Naval Combat Arcade Action Game

  1. Hi there
    Someone on the toucharcade forum has said that this works with the iCade Cabinet. Is this right?

  2. The version currently on iTunes is V1.0 this doesn’t support iCade. TorpedoRun V1.1 does support the
    iCade and ICP and is currently pending Apple approval. It should only be another day or so before they approve it. I will post here and email you when it is approved.

    I should say that TorpedRun even in the iCade or ICP needs the touchscreen to fire the canon against the depth charges. The iCade stick controls the Torpedo launcher and the B key fires a torpedo. The X key fires mines and the Y key summons health drops. You are allowed 3 mines in play at any given time and they take 10 seconds to prepare for launch.
    Health drops take 6 minutes to recharge before you can call for another one.

    All in all playing the game in iCade mode makes the game slightly easier as one hand can fire torpedo’s whilst the other defends against depth charges. Also I use the ICP to play the game whilst my 6 year old uses the screen to shoot charges. All makes for a lot more fun in my opinion.

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