TorpedoRun update V1.2








 Wow! A massive update to TorpedoRun :Version 1.2 is now available on iTunes

This version now contains:

  • Mines! you can now deploy up to 3 mines to help sink those pesky ships
  • Mines can even be used to hit incomming charges if you are lucky.
  • Health drops can now be summoned, use them wisely though as it takes 6 minutes to get another one!
  • iCade and iControlPad (ICP) support. Use your controller to wirelessly control the torpedo LauncherGame Centre support.
  • Game Center support.
  • Leaderboards and Achievments.
  • Start as a Midshipman and rise in rank to Grand Admiral of the fleet.

Comming soon:

TorpedoRun Free edition:

  • Advert supported
  • In-App purchase of Mines
  • in-app purchase of Health
  • So only pay for what you need.

Or just buy the full version and always be up to date with the latest add-ons, and no adverts.



4 thoughts on “TorpedoRun update V1.2

  1. Thanks- I really enjoyed the game! It surprised me really…I downloaded the free version and became quite addicted to it- so much so that I ended up paying for both mines and health. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next. Do you tweet? (Just thought you could keep we fans up-to-date?)

  2. If I even touch the screen on the bottom of my iPad the torpedoes launch. Is there any way to aim the torpedoes?? Very frustrating game.

  3. Hi Alex, Aiming the torpedo’s is very easy, they always fire in the direction you make from the center bottom of the screen to your finger. You can touch the screen anywhere in the bottom third and the game calculates the angle from your finger to the center bottom to work out the launch angle. As you can see from the high scores on Game Centre it must be very intuitive to get those kind of scores. This is as easy as it can be made on a touch screen. Just imagine a line from the torpedo launch point to the ship you want to hit and tap anywhere along that line. Oh and to solve your problem, just don’t touch the screen unless you want to actually fire.

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